ep81 – Sharon Blain

I was very honored to speak with my next guest. She has remained relevant in the hair industry for over 5 decades and she continues to win awards and accolades including two time Hair Expo Hall of Fame and the Order of Australia. She has traveled the world educating thousands of stylists. She is the

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ep80 – Justin Pace

This week on Headcases, my guest is a special friend, and he has won so many awards I don’t know where he has room to keep them. He is Australian Hairdresser of the Year. He has won Australia’s Educator of the Year no less than four times. He has two wins apiece for Hair Technician of

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ep79 – Gerard Scarpaci

You will probably guess this week’s Headcases guest from my first hint. He is the cofounder of Hairbrained.pro and the Hairbrained Teach-In, and HBLive.me. He shares his passion for the craft by teaching every chance he gets. My guest this week: Gerard Scarpaci. Complete Transcript Chris Baran 0:00How great would it be to get up close and personal

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ep78 – David Stanko

Today’s guest specializes in professional and consumer product development. He is a three-time winner of Haircolor USA’s Most Inspirational and Best Educator Award, a founding member of the Intercoiffure American Canada Haircolor Council. He is the author of Formula Boss and Color Conversions Made Easy. In my opinion, he is one of the top haircolor

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ep77 – Gordon Miller returns

I’m delighted to bring back such an inspiring guest with so many wonderful insights about the state of the hairdressing industry today. Welcome back to Headcases, Gordon Miller! Complete Transcript Chris Baran 0:00How great would it be to get up close and personal with the beauty industry heroes? We love and admire and to ask

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ep76 – Winn Claybaugh

The tables are turned for this week’s guest. For 26 years he has been the one doing the interviews. I can’t hope to live up to that standard but we’ll manage. He is an author, a school owner, a motivational speaker, a philanthropist, and an awards show host. He has won the NAHA Hall of

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ep75 – Sonya Dove

I’m thrilled to have this person on my podcast this week. She is a Wella Global Top Artist and part of the Ulta Beauty Pro Team. She is a Hairdreams Ambassador, a session stylist, a celebrity stylist, a runway stylist for New York Fashion Week and she worked on such films as The Hunger Games.

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ep74 – Ronit Enos

I’m really excited about today’s guest. She learned how to build and lead teams as a sergeant in the Israel Defense Forces. Her seven-figure Maxime salon boasts six-figure net profits. As a business growth consultant she has worked with fast growing startups and Fortune 100 companies like Coca Cola. Through her Salon Cadence community she

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ep73 – Michelle O’Connor

This week on Chris Baran’s Headcases, I sit down with Michelle O’Connor: educator, 5-time NAHA winner, and Artistic Director for Matrix. Michelle is a leading voice for diversity and inclusion in the beauty industry. Complete Transcript Chris Baran 0:00How great would it be to get up close and personal with the beauty industry heroes? We

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