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The Salon Educator's Best Friend

Chris Baran has been training hairstylists and educators for over 40 years. He has helped hundreds of thousands of hairdressers in 26 countries understand the Principles of Design and Finishing. He studies facilitation with the best in the business so that his students can in turn change the lives of their own students.

The world is re-opening. How do we capitalize on the business lessons we’ve learned? How do we come out of this even stronger than before? Educators, leaders, owners, this is for you. Two days of leadership and facilitation skills development focused on emerging opportunities with masters Chris Baran and Chris Moody sharing their most powerful tools. Plus exciting influential guests. This is how you win.

Salon owners should be growing the business, NOT training new associates. Let Chris handle the heavy lifting and get your associates on the floor in as little as two weeks. It pays for itself almost immediately. Best practices, the shampoo experience, consultation, color retouch and virgin application, design, finishing, irons, blow drying, retailing — This changes everything.

The ultimate salon educator’s resource, stacked with teaching tools. Leadership skills, Design, Finishing, the Design Playbook all in one easy subscription. It’s everything you need to become a Superstar Educator.

Complete principle-based hair design training for stylists. See any design and break it down to its elements: point, line, and angle. Master elevation and over-direction. Unlock your creativity with the right choices every time. Everything you need to create, recreate, and communicate any hair design any time.

The Swiss army knife of teaching Design. This is your treasure trove of tools for engaging your learners with maximum participation. Use it to prep for each session the night before, and be ready to change some lives in the morning. The ideal companion for Principle-Based Design.

Seven face shapes, four profile types. Straight, wave, frizz, curls. A multitude of brushes and hot tools. Countless hair products. Make decisions with absolute confidence when you know the principles of finishing hair. Take your clients from WHAT I HAVE to WHAT I WANT successfully every time.

The GLOBAL PEAK-PERFORMANCE SYSTEM. “We believe every educator should have the confidence and authenticity to deliver a powerful, emotional experience of enlightenment that energizes you to go out and change the lives of everyone around you.”

If education is your life, get live coaching from Chris Baran and Chris Moody every week, and reach your maximum potential.