How do I get my new hires to pre-book?

As the owner or team leader of your salon, you might feel like you’re always preaching about the importance of pre-booking appointments. But when it comes to new stylists who are just starting out, they may be uncomfortable with this concept. This topic came up recently in the Salon Team Training group on Facebook.

Why Is Pre-Booking So Important?

  • It’s a huge help in building a loyal client base for your stylists
  • It’s the most important factor in creating a reliable income for stylists
  • Appointments on the calendar helps the whole salon run more smoothly

How Do I Get My New Hires to Pre-Book?

  • Explain the importance of pre-booking during their initial training. Make sure they understand why it’s so important for both them and the salon
  • Have them practice pre-booking appointments with clients who are willing to cooperate. This will help them get comfortable with the process and learn how to best sell the idea of pre-booking to clients

Returning Clients

A major problem is that the pre-booking conversation typically happens at the end of the service as clients are getting ready to leave. They’ve already switched gears. Their minds are elsewhere. Here’s a tip I learned from a great salon in the UK: instead of pre-booking at the end of the service, do it at the beginning. Once associates see how easy and effective it is, they’ll be more likely to keep doing it.

A great way to make the conversation easy and natural is to make it part of the consultation about the client’s needs and goals. This will help you to understand what kind of services they are looking for and how often they need them. Once you have a good understanding of their needs, you can set up a 6-month schedule that outlines when they need their colour, cut, and finishing services. Set up a system so that they know exactly when they’re due to come in and keep in touch with them between services with mini consultations. This keeps them on track with trust that they are getting the best possible service from your salon. It won’t even occur to them to try a new stylist because they already have a plan in place.

Each new season, you refresh the consultation to meet their new needs and discuss the steps they need to take in between services. This keeps them confident in themselves and in you, their stylist.

By following these tips, you encourage your clients to pre-book and keep pre-booking long into the future!

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