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ep26 – Chris Moody

This week I finally get to bring on my close friend and business partner, Chris Moody! Chris is one of the world’s best trainers. – Chris says everything we do is an evolution, and shares his story of evolving from hairdressing to teaching – The one moment that changed everything for him – He digs […]

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ep11 – Ruth Roche

Seven-time NAHA winner and Redken Master Artist, Ruth Roche has traveled the world sharing her vast experience and knowledge with hairdressers. Known for her versatility, from cutting-edge looks to low-maintenance chic, Ruth has worn many hats: NYC salon owner, editorial stylist, top educator, and celebrity stylist. Today I get to sit down with Ruth and

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The Hiring Process

During the hiring process, it can be difficult to determine the best candidate for your salon. You wonder what steps should be taken to ensure a successful hire. As the leader of a salon team, it is important to approach hiring with a strategic mindset, much like a coach selecting players for a sports team.

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Learning Continuum

During a recent discussion on our Salon Team Training Facebook group, we considered the issue of stylists getting stuck in the training process. It’s common for stylists to become fearful or bored and halt their progress, particularly when trying to learn a new and challenging skill. To illustrate the learning journey and how to reach

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Chris Baran’s Headcases

Our hair heroes seem so successful, so famous, so much larger than life — so far from theirearliest days as a cosmetology school graduate. Imagine you could sit down with yourheroes and ask them “How’d you learn that?” Chris Baran asks his legendary guests howthey got started, who were their mentors, what were the big

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Salon Culture

I recently ran a poll on my Facebook Group, Salon Team Training, asking ‘what is the number one thing that helps to retain staff’ and the number one answer was Culture. As a business owner, you can probably think of many reasons why culture is so important and I’m going to share with you the

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Thank you to my amazing Redken team Haircolor: Suzanne Sturm Photography: Babak and Nico Wardrobe/Styling: Pascal et Jeremie Makeup: Marie Laure Support: Lori Zabel ❤️ Read the full article and see the collection at FOCUS on HAIR

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Coaching vs Critiquing

Something that came up recently on my Salon Team Training Facebook Group was coaching vs critiquing and the concern around hurting someone’s feelings. I think we’ve all been there: you’re trying to help someone, and they get defensive or and can’t take the criticism. It’s tough, but it doesn’t have to be! Coaching First of

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