The Hiring Process

During the hiring process, it can be difficult to determine the best candidate for your salon. You wonder what steps should be taken to ensure a successful hire.

As the leader of a salon team, it is important to approach hiring with a strategic mindset, much like a coach selecting players for a sports team. During the hiring process, it is essential to evaluate candidates through various methods, such as trials or tryouts, to assess their skills and fit within the team. This allows you to determine not only their technical abilities, but also their attitude and willingness to work as part of a team. By considering these factors, you can make informed decisions about who will be the best fit for your salon and help contribute to its success.

Here’s an acronym I like to use that is easy to remember, just think of Lady Gaga!


  • Goals
  • Assessment
  • Gut
  • Attitude


What are the goals of the candidate and how do they align with the goals of the company and the position being hired for? Does the candidate possess qualities such as acceptance and humility, which might be important traits to you.


Use an assessment form and checklist to determine if the candidate meets or exceeds the minimum salon standards. If they are below the standards, consider whether they are a trainable candidate or if they may be a poor fit for the role. Determine what training may be necessary for the candidate to succeed in the position.


Listen to your intuition and pay attention to your gut feeling about the candidate. Do you get a good sense of them and do they give off a positive vibe? Remember that it is natural for candidates to be nervous during an interview and they may stammer or stumble, so try not to let that affect your assessment of them.


Consider the candidate’s attitude and whether it aligns with the team’s dynamic. It’s important to think about whether they’ll bond with your current team.

In summary, these are the four key factors to consider when making a hiring decision: goals, assessment, gut feeling, and attitude. Using this process will help ensure that you make a well-informed decision and bring a valuable new member onto your team.

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