ep18 – Michelle O’Connor

This week on Chris Baran’s Headcases, I sit down with Michelle O’Connor: educator, 5-time NAHA winner, and Artistic Director for Matrix. Michelle is a leading voice for diversity and inclusion in the beauty industry. Complete Transcript Chris Baran 0:00How great would it be to get up close and personal with the beauty industry heroes? We […]

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ep17 – Nieves Almaraz

This week’s guest is Nieves Almaraz, winner of NAHA Men’s Hairstylist of the Year 2021. With a barbering license and a cosmetology license, Nieves owns a barbershop and a barber school and thrives on inspiration. Complete Transcript Chris Baran 00:00How great would it be to get up close and personal with the beauty industry heroes?

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ep16 – Geno Stampora

This week’s guest is Geno Stampora, industry expert and business guru. And he has probably held every single job there is in the beauty industry. Geno’s work has featured in numerous salon and spa magazines over the years. He continues to be in demand as a keynote speaker, contributing artist, and consultant to the industry.

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ep15 – Benni Tognini

This week’s guest has inspired an entire generation of hairdressers. Benni Tognini is an Australian icon, considered the father of avant garde hairdressing. Benni and his team have won a string of international accolades, including World Master of the Craft. He’s the man behind the powerhouse Togninis brand. I am so lucky to have Benni

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ep14 – Dom Lehane

This week’s guest is Dom Lehane, producer of the very popular hair industry podcast “How to Cut It”. I was excited to sit down and talk to him about his successes and his goals in the industry. Dom’s whole mission is to share insights, inspiration, and information that will take your hairdressing journey to the

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ep13 – Stephen Moody

This week’s guest is a NAHA Haircutter of the Year winner, spent 31 years with the Sassoon organization, and is currently John Paul Mitchell’s artistic director: Stephen Moody. Join me as Stephen shares his hairdressing journey from a small English town to Intercoiffure Hair Cutting Icon and NAHA winner. Complete Transcript Chris Baran 0:09How great

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ep12 – Daniel Mason Jones

Daniel Mason Jones owns one of the hottest salons in the country. He is a world-class hairstylist, a transformative speaker, an exceptional educator, and a cheerleader to everyone he meets. He has trained closely with top hair designers around the globe and his mission is to elevate the hair industry through inspirational education. DMJ had

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ep11 – Ruth Roche

Seven-time NAHA winner and Redken Master Artist, Ruth Roche has traveled the world sharing her vast experience and knowledge with hairdressers. Known for her versatility, from cutting-edge looks to low-maintenance chic, Ruth has worn many hats: NYC salon owner, editorial stylist, top educator, and celebrity stylist. Today I get to sit down with Ruth and

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ep09 – Ann Mincey Jetton

Ann Mincey Jetton is a prominent public speaker and trainer helping tens of thousands of people reduce stress, achieve success, and enrich their lives. Today, her passion is “marketing with heart” to women. Ann received numerous awards including the North American Hairstyling Awards Hall of Leaders, and the Intercoiffure Lifetime Achievement Award. Today we’re talking

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